Friday, 17 December 2010


"I now present to you....The saga Begin for OZ681!
Brand new space 1 min walkin from the MACBA...come and join us for opening party the 8th January:

and free love...

Airt espacio creativo from Espica on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Chally Cha Bana/Cha da beatcreatah Interview

Another good friend of mine..that i had meet on the street of barcelona!Enjoy it!

Hello my name is..Challenger Treurniet alias Chally Cha Bana/Cha da beatcreatah

I was raised mostly in..guyana's and in the netherlands

The reason that you're reading about me is..because i'm a dj/producer

Right now i'm working on..a few projects one of them beattape called challenger's blast off hopefully out and available in decemberalso busy on a album as a mc back in the booth and got some mad beats from mad producers all over europe soon to come another thing i'm busy on is a deep house album and few ep collabz with producers from around the world soon in stacks

But i'd rather be..with my kids

My most prized possesions kids and my vinyls thats whats its all about the future and the past

But i'd give it..all away before i die

The first thing i do in the morning is...grab my laptop put on a tune prepare my coffee and wail wait roll a joint

The last thing i night classified

My mama always said..fuck music get job

i love it whe.. people motivate

i hate when people...judge others to much and them self ain't worth shit

if you ever see me...walking on the streets holla at me

my most notable run-in with the law...none

if i had to say sorry it would be because..i did came out earlier with my music

i get aggro when...people are faking the funk
u dig?

the last time i swore...i'd never drink after a night of celebrating too much

future projects and own label

before i leave i'd like to give a shout out to...all my friends family and fans and not to forget BEATNOTIK!!!!!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Paura/Videomind Interview

Today, and for the very first time, I'm more than happy to introduce an artist who's coming from my very own town !!!

Hello my name is…Francesco Curci aka Paura, together with Tayone & Clementino we are Videomind

I was raised in…Camposano..Napoli ..Campania..Italy..Europe..The World...Solar System

The reason that you’re reading about me is…because I make great music

Right now I’m working on…Videomind, new tracks and new videos.

But I’d rather be…no one else

My most prized possessions are…my two nephews, who are both two years old

But I’d give it all away for…nothing

The first thing I do in the morning is…as a matter of fact, I always have 100 000 things to do, just as today.

The last thing I do at night is…put on the alarm.

My momma always said…everything allright at work?

I love it when people…people smile at me

I hate it when people…people driving fast

If you ever see me walking down the street…everything ok, you don’t need to worry

My most notable run-in with the law…unpaid tickets

If I had to say sorry it would be because…lack of tact

I get real aggro when…they touch anyone who’s close to me

The last time I swore I’d never drink was after a night of…it was around 15 years ago, and I do not regret it at all

Future projects and plans…keep on with doing music with my group

And before I leave I’d like to give a shout out to… all the narrow minded and conservative people: History has always been written by the courageous.