Monday, 3 January 2011


The Night Skinny present:

Metropolis Stepson New York Edition

Distorted beats, razor-sharp rhymes, nasty cuts and creativity-filled states of mind, where innovation, experimentation and originality play key roles. Moments and elements often invisible and imperceptible for those who solely rely on mass-media information and don't dare to venture down into the deepest and darkest alleys of the underground.
And it's exactly in those mysterious fog-filled underground alleys that The Night Skinny lives and manifests.

Following up on the success of "Metropolis Stepson", a concept album that, as the title suggests, draws inspiration and force from Fritz Lang's all time masterpiece "Metropolis", and acclaimed and welcomed by pascionate reviews on magazines worldwide, the producer Cee Mass, alias The Night Skinny, further re-enforces the basic foundations on top of which the album was created, and dares to raise the bar even further with HANDMADE GRENADE New York Edition.

A 7 limited edition vinal guest starring special appearances of M. Sayyid & H. Priest (Airborn Audio / Antipop Consortium) and Vordul Mega (Cannibal Ox), and also featuring Italian turntablist extraordinaire DJ Tayone (Aliern Army, Videomind).

The New York Edition confirms the international standards and approach of the Milan-adopted producer who manages to bridge two parallel realities, two cities, Milan and New York, with an apparent common denominator, and takes the listener on an audio-visual tour that focuses on conceptual strength, original synth-driven sounds and rhythmic landscapes half way between a retro-futuristism and dream-like scenarios.

The evocative power of the Night Skinny's sound finds its natural visual transposition in the official video for the title track Handmade Grenade, a collaborative effort that sees talents of the international advertising world and independent video-production scene team-up and bringing creative ideas to the table. Under the overall art direction, coordination and strategic management of internationally acclaimed advertising agency Saizen Media, the direction of renowned Movie Director Massimo "Bod" Ciceri and Ale Formenti from Milan based production house Vision Film / Question Mark Ink, and the visual works of Paolo "Worde" Soriano and Adolfo "Prolifique" Pretorino, The Night Skinny crafts a limited edition (300 copies) double feature vinyl-dvd bundle that pays tribute to classic Italian 70s thriller cinema.