Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Beatnotik x Sublevao-Beat - Mpc Street Live

Buscando La Senda Segura! Us here at the Beatnotik HQ have teamed up with one of our close, personal friends, Cuban musician, producer and emcee Kumar Sublevao-Beat to put together a series of short films shot all over the Barceloneta district in Barcelona. This series of videos were shot in different parts of Kumar 's hood with live and on location production from the expat Cubano. Hard hitting, big MPC beats and soulful vibes produced in, and set to the backdrop of, one of Europes most beautiful cities. This is just part one! Expect more great beats and special guests in the coming chapters... 


Kumar Afro-Cuban mc and urban music producer Kumar Sublevao Beat started his career during the 90's boom of hip hop in Havana. Influenced by Afro-Latin jazz, reggae, Afro-beat, funk and soul, Kumar's sound is a sophisticated combination of traditional drumming samples, synths and live instruments. Sublevao Beat's first release "De Pelicula Barrio "(LP, Universal Music), toured extensively to important shows around the world and received a great welcome from both audiences and the media. Now Sublevao beat is back with "Patakin," a new album where his search has turned to the roots of African spirituality. During his career he has collaborated with different artists such Ojos de Brujo, Last Poets, Perico Sambeat, Jimi Tenor,Omar sosa, Terracota and Indee Styla.

The other face of Kumar Afrikun, new audiovisual project by mc, beat and video maker Kumar Sublevao-Beat along with multi-instrumentalists duo, Machete Horns revisits the diversity of African music, paying tribute to several tribes and regions of the continent. Their format: images, percussion, horns, synths and an MPC 500, mixes samples of traditional African instruments, chants and rhythms with textures of contemporary urban music. In an powerfully energizing live performance, Afrikun presents the roots of these young Afro-Cubans. Main international performances: Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland Giles Peterson Presents Havana Cultura, Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France Boom Festival - Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal Worldwide Festiva Awards, Cargo - London, England Dunya Festival, Rótterdam, Holland Oslo World Music Festival- Oslo, Norway Wapi hiphop Festival. Nairobi, Kenia Wave Love Festival- Livorno, Italia WDR Funkhaus Europa Party, Muelheim/Ruhr, Germany



Pics: Sara Sani