Saturday, 3 May 2014


BRANIK1015 combines sounds and genres, a nice and easy unmixed mix of tracks to welcome in the new year. Keep the Branik's at room temperature and cease the hype. One love to my butter-pecan Ricans for calling me Papi.. 

abhi//dijon - Horses
Ryshon Jones - Chappelle Show (prod by Megiapa)
L33 - Cosmic Glide
Rocky Diamonds - Blow (Prod. by Zaytoven) 05 Hexxorus
Exmag - True Love From The Future
JD. Reid - Mekong
Lidly -Reem
Ultrademon - Old Voyager (Feat. Showyousuck)
Denzel Himself -Selsie
808INK -Wet canvas
a l l i e - Just Like That
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Friday, 2 May 2014

Oyoshe - Stand Up Teaser

Stand Up: Oyoshe officially at the microphone in his new album. It's been two years since Vincent Musto aka Oyoshe (also known as Oyo Waza), has conceived in his mind the first cell of what later became Stand Up: his claim at the microphone (he was very young to Bring in the Noise) after a lot of works as beat maker, on which stands, without a doubt, the success of Bring Da Noise 2, in which he collaborated with Hip Hop international celebrities such as Blaq Poet (one who has worked with an artist like DJ Premier). The idea has been fertilized by a long path made of trips around Europe to discover his true identity between contest, collaborations and many artistic influences. After a "pregnancy" of 720 days, on May 19 will be finally available in digital and physical version of the new work of the Neapolitan rapper / producer  

It's all begins with an European sponsors: Beatnotik, which organized a major collaboration with French rapper Enes, allowing for the first time to confront an international not only in terms of beat making but under what he always revealed her true passion: rap, that pure. It is no coincidence that Oyoshe Neapolitan born in the rap community just 15 years old when his figure from b-boy was limited to just freestyle and personality already had to deal with much larger and well established in the Italian hip hop scene as Speaker Cenzou, Clementino and many others.

Oyoshe currently serves on several collective: the duo Broke n Spuork with the homeboy Dekasettimo and Cianuro Prod . In the album  appear guest likes Sha One (La Famiglia), Enes, from Barcelona, ??Ekspo (Sangue Mostro),  OP Rot (Ganja Farm) Lucariello   and Sandro Su, that enrich his work with experiences and personalities from all over the continent and not just from Naples. The album will be released May 19th in both Digital on Itunes and Spotify that, and cd Version in the best music Stores, requesting a copy from the catalog Audioglobe that will distribute work exclusively making it available in many stores. Graphics and sponsors are by Beatnotik (Barcelona), the executive producer is 4Fasi Prod and the same Oyoshe in collaboration with Full Head S.R.L. Get ready to listen, here is the tracklist preview.

01- Intro (Stand-In) (Prod Oyoshe)
02- Dentro/fuori (Prod Bonbooze)
03- Neva Stop Ft Dj MS (Prod Mastro)
04- Brucia Lento Ft Sandro Su (Prod Oyoshe)
05- Stand Up (Prod Snowcat)
06- Same Love Ft Enes of Beroots Bangers (Prod Oyoshe)
07- L'anticiclone (Back Jump) Ft Alezin & Dj Pijei (Prod Oyoshe)
08- Tienm (Prod Groovespit) 
09- Tutta La Vita (Prod Nero)
10- Chell Che Fà Sta Buon N'Omm ft Oprot & Lucariello (Prod Mastro)
11- Adrenalina Ft Dj Snifta (Prod Oyoshe)
12- Pò Capità Ft Pepp Oh & Shadaloo (Prod Shadaloo)
13- Stay HH Ft Dj Uncino(Prod Breakstarr)
14- La Giustizia Ft Dekasettimo,Kaledo,Raz,Ariki,Sho (Prod Oyoshe)
15- Davanti A Me (Prod Dj Apoc) 
16- Bounce Feat Ekspo,Uomodisu (Prod Oyoshe)
17- Mast 'e Cerimonia Feat ShaOne, Dj Snifta (Prod Oyoshe)
18- Fino Alla Fine (Stand Out) (Prod Dj Med)

oyoshe on spotify/itunes and all digital stores.