Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Foreign Beggars Concert in Barcelona + Interview

Foreign Beggars Concert in Barcelona 4th March 2011 Sala Razzmatazz

Foreign Beggars are a critically acclaimed British Rap, Grime and Dubstep group based in London. The group consists of MCs Orifice Vulgatron, Metropolis, producer Dag Nabbit and DJ Nonames and are renowned for their eclectic and energetic live shows. Currently performing well over a hundred shows a year the group has performed with a number of high profile artists spanning a range of musical genres. Foreign Beggars release their records through Dented Records a label which was created and owned by the group to support their own material and a host of UK underground artists.

La unión hace la fuerza y fruto del eclecticismo de sus componentes logran un sónido más que personal. Mezclan con desparpajo rimas con beats electrónicos y una attitude arrolladora en el escenario. No es de extrañar que popes del nivel de Kanye West , Public Enemy o Grand Master Flash los apoyen. Tras una gira junto a Prodigy en 2010 llegan a Razz a presentar su nuevo disco United Coulours Of Beggattron en una velada en la que el escenario se va a quedar pequeño con los beats y la fiesta de estos fenómenos.

An article that i did last year...Orifice Vulgatron "Foreign Beggars" i think one of the best MC in europe..madflow!

Foreign Beggars

Hello my name is…Pavan aka Orifice Vulgatron

I was raised in…Dubai Kent and London

The reason that you’re reading about me is…I am a Badman!!

Right now I’m working on…Beggattron Remixed Album with Noisia Grime Glitch Album Project with Alix perez under the Name Par Excellence
Release with LA producer Skrillex on Mau5trap( Deadmau5) Label
Collaboration with French Dubstep artist Von D released on Argon Records which is a San Fransisco Dubstep Label
Collaboration with London Zoo and Sonny Jim produced by Dutch producer Arvid on 10 Kilo Beats
3 12" Releases on never Say Die Records
We Are featured on Bearyman's Album More collabs with French, Italian and Spaninsh Hip Hop and breakbeat electro artists
featured on the New Grems and Disiz la peste album
Video for a new track with Noisia from the Split The Atom Album
We are working on an EP with Son Of Kick
Have Collaborated with The Narcycist & gene Clash for Dany Neville and Brunjes
Prospective Projects with Ministry of Sound
Ep Project with Son of Kick
New Track With Medison Ruckspin and Durrty Goodz
Brokabilly Project with Grems & Dj Trouble, Machinedrum Remix and Video dropping shortly.

But I’d rather be…no I'd rather be, I am doing what i want

My most prized possessions are…laptop/mic/ssl channel strip and my nuts

But I’d give it all away for… Jessica Alba

The first thing I do in the morning is…Buss a Nut

The last thing I do at night is…Buss A Nut

My momma always said, every time you point your fingers at someone there are 3 pointing back at you

I love it when people…treat other with the respect they would expect to be treated with

I hate it when people…talk shit really loudly in night clubs because they think they know you

If you ever see me walking down the street…Haalller

My most notable run-in with the law… getting caulght doing graffiti in Dubai

If I had to say sorry it would be because… I say sorry about 10 times a day cos I always do something to piss someone off.. sheeit

I get real aggro when…you try help someone and they start talking shit because they are to thick to understand you are helping them

The last time I swore I’d never drink was after a night of…standard fuckeries last week

And before I leave I’d like to give a shout out to… Everyone who's ever rolled with foreign beggars/// LONG HAUL!!!!

Cha The Beatcreatah – Challenger’s Lift Off (2011)

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Cha the Beatcreatah takes us upon a journey up in space with Challenger’s Lift Off. Cha is born under the name Challenger Treurniet and inspired by the space shuttle Challenger this Tape has a double meaning to it’s name. The Rotterdam Native producers now lives in Barcelona and was involved in organizing the 2009 and 2010 Barcelona Beat battles.

Bcescapades.com is proud to present you Challenger’s Lift Off. As the space shuttle takes off On a 22 track journey through sound and space. Challenger’s Lift Off is best described as a mix of experimental, soul full and jazzy hip-hop.

Artwork Cd OZ681 www.beatnotik.carbonmade.com

More Cha the Beatcreatah on: