Thursday, 12 May 2011

Savage Ballet UK

Pic @Yaya

Dexter St, jock is British born Barbadian art brut MC he’s also one half of London’s afro-centric hip hop duo Savage Ballet. Years before sharing stages with Jeru Da Damaja, Ghost face, Boots (the Coup) and John Robinson the young man took an interest in hip-hop at an early age. He was particularly inspired by MC’s Posdnuos of De La Soul, Chi Ali and early nineties group Rumpletilskinz .By his mid to late teens
he hooked up with local rap group Dirty Spades, who’s members included a pre Kiss FM Shortee Blitz, The group was short lived.

It was around this time just after the split he went on a solo mission to get his act together. He took to tagging, drawing in his sketch pad, visiting the various museums and galleries around the city. Gradually this lead to him drifting back into writing lyrics. About a year later he linked up with MC Versetyle through mutual friends. The two eventually pooled their resources and under the name Blakteria released the all styles no substance EP in spring of 2003.

After the groups dissolution Dexter went on to work with London hip hop main stays AM, Lewis Parker and Unsung Heroes. He would later go on to form the group Rogues Gallery with close friend Kobi playing at local hip-hop nights such as
Blacktronica and Kung fu. Shortly there after in 2008, he met a Jamaican born and raised producer/dub poet Eriq Sterling and went on to found Savage Ballet; the rest is history. From here on out they have one mission, and that is to transform every room they enter into a musical instrument…

Enjoy the New Album "Suspend Your DisBelief SNIPPETS" from Savage Ballet and the Promo Trailer:

Suspend Your DisBelief SNIPPETS by La Ballet Sauvage