Friday, 15 April 2011


Barcelona's suburbs flavor and Paris culture's of lyrics.

Those guys are freakin killers, exactly what Hip-Hop needs nowadays!!! album is coming, stay tuned

Producing a genuine Hip Hop sound, BEROOTS BANGERS creates a distinguished production work where the analog MPC sound is mixed with electro's arrangements. Altogether to create a both classic and modern sound served with Barcelona's suburbs flavor and Paris culture's of lyrics.

BEROOTS BANGERS consist of Zemo and Enes.
Between the two of them they produce, write, sing, record, arrange and edit, taking care of every steps of their project in they Barcelona's studio: LAINE REC STUDIO.

Zemo “The Artist” is the Spanish voice of BEROOTS, being the main producer of the album. Zemo starts in the Spanish Hip Hop scene in the 90's being part of 7 Notas 7 Colores, Masstone or Elements projects, growing also as a producer. Established emecee and confirmed lyricist, Zemo is nowadays one of the stand out artist of Spanish Hip Hop scene.

Enes “The Scientist”, the French voice of BEROOTS, besides his strong intervention in the production process, is in charge of the editing and mastering studio part, providing the shape of BEROOTS sound. Compromised lyricist, Enes grew up among French Hip Hop in Paris suburb Creteil before moving to Barcelona where he leaves nowadays.

BEROOTS BANGERS bursts in Hip Hop by means of a brand singular artistic exposition provided by the hand of independents artists.