Thursday, 1 September 2011

Pet Sounds - In the Key of DEE

UK producer Bullion dove into unchartered territories on this record. He undertook a remixing project that, when done properly, produces an unrivaled uniqueness. Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee is a fusion of J. Dilla style and Brian Wilson‘s brainchild, The Beach Boys. This marriage doesn’t suck like so many other The Beach Boys remixes; it’s actually quite incredible. He followed J. Dilla’s lead, experimenting with chopping techniques and reorganizing the already angelic harmonies of the Boys to use them as instruments to color the beat. What makes In The Key Of Dee different is that Bullion didn’t destroy the cohesiveness of The Beach Boys’ tracks. Within the beats, Bullion managed to maintain the attractive nostalgia associated with The Beach Boys’ timeless classics. Sample “God Only Knows” and “You Still Believe In Dee” and download the entire record below.

Download Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee right here.