Thursday, 7 November 2013


Village Underground, 54 Holywell Ln, London, EC2A 3PQ    
After another year of crazy parties, London's biggest and most respected Hip Hop club night is turning 6! From rocking crowds in Hong Kong, Manilla, New York, Pleasure Principle and Outlook Festival to throwing parties with the likes of Just Blaze, Action Bronson and Flatbush Zombies, 2013 has been Livin' Proof best year yet. To celebrate, this 4 man collective of DJ's Snips, Rags, Khalil & Budgie are doing what they do best - putting on a massive party at Village Underground on Saturday November 16th.  

(L-R: Rags, The Last Skeptik, Snips, Budgie, Khalil)

Since its 2007 inception in the basement of Marketplace, Livin' Proof has grown rapidly from a free party for 100 or so friends, to selling out 1000's of tickets a month at London's best clubs. Hosting impressive nights over the past couple years with Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky, Hudson Mohawke, and Action Bronson has seen the brand solidified as the most trusted in the capital when it comes to Hip Hop parties.  
Livin’ Proof have it mastered. Alongside their regular following, the quartet continue to draw new fans to their monthly nights. They bridge the gap between classic hip hop and the new wave of emerging hip hop artists, with good vibes all round. Hands in the air, whining, moshing, multiple track wheel-ups and more, are all by-products of a Livin’ Proof set. Their quickfire style always fueling high energy levels from the crowd.  
Let’s celebrate!

Livin' Proof Carnival Party 
(L-R: Action Bronson, Just Blaze, Budgie)
(L-R: Budgie, Khalil, Snips, Rags)

Livin Proof 6th Birthday Party  w/ Khalil, Snips, Budgie, Rags.  
Hosted by The Last Skeptik   Doors: 9pm – 4am  
 6th Birthday Mixtape Coming Soon!!!

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